Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Go on...I DARE you not to start singing that favorite old disco tune when you hear the name of SL's newest kids-oriented region! Funky Town is on the Paradise Garden sim, and has many attractions that can keep kids busy and happy for hours on end!!! It's the brainchild of Kylei Benoir and Nicole McCallen, and this pair has been working nearly non-stop on the sim for the past week or so.

Rollerjamz is a kewl skating rink that should become a big hang-out. If you don't own a pair of roller skates, no worries--you can easily purchase a pair there. You can pick up a free T-shirt there too. Rollerjamz hosts kids parties, too; ask Kylei for more info on holding a big bash there.

Kidz Helping Kidz is a health clinic to the right of Rollerjamz. Now that the Sickeze HUD is catching on (like a cold!) with SL kids, we all need a place to get better! A staff led by Ms. Vernice Burks sets broken bones, gives cootie shots and offers physical exams. And after you try the Cootie Detector, trust me, you will WANT that inoculation ASAP!!!!

Bumper cars are close to the clinic, and there's a BIG ferris wheel at Funky Town too. A riding trail and an adoption agency are planned as well. There are several stores, including Nicole and Kylei's Troubled Monkey Inc and the return of Dharma's. Aura's, Patchlets and ShiNne'z CrEatiOn'z are there too. A lovely park with picnic tables (and food!), and a playground with SLopoly are in the center of the action.

There are five houses for rent on Funky Town. I live in one of them, and I love this kid-sized home! Two houses are left as I write this; come and check them out! (Paradise Garden 122, 192, 22)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


There's a new business on the Starlight Starbright sim, and it's dedicated to bringing parents and kids together! Starlight Adoptions is a new adoption agency, and it features the same high quality that makes that sim a real standout in SL. There's a few especially nice things about this place that distinguish it from other agencies:
*The application is the most detailed I've seen in SL; it really seeks to give a prospective parent or son/daughter an idea of what the people in the panels are about. It provides more info than just a handful of questions and a photo. It also asks for the parents' real name, which is cool...you can then look up their profiles and read even more about them!
*Once a child registers at Starlight Adoptions and is invited into that group, he or she can buy a special New Kid Pack for 1L. It features stuffs like skins, hair and clothes, and you know it's got to be stylish and attractive since Babydoll put the package together! There are also some skins and outfits available for 5L each--such a deal!
*There's an arcade in the back of the agency with a Greedy Greedy game. I will repeat that. THERE'S A GREEDY GREEDY GAME AT THE AGENCY!!! This game is so addictive it's sick! Don't take my word for it...ask JoshuaMatthew Rossini and he'll tell you all about it! (Heeheehee!) Kids can hang out there and play Greedy, UNO and other games...it really is a nice new hangout spot for us.
*Orphans with nowhere to go can go sleepies in a treehouse or a moon house on the ground once they have signed up with an agency. You will have a bed of your very own, and be able to set your Home position to that site.
*I work there! I'm a Starlight Helper and will be at the site seven hours a week to help kids and grownups set up panels, answer questions, stuffs like that. Some nice kids are on the staff, so come by and say hello anytime! And if you know reputable grownups who want to adopt a child, or a child who needs a family, tell them to stop by! (Starlight Starbright 100, 226, 23).

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was camping at Tiny Tykes and met Koffeekid Smalls, who co-hosts a radio show called "The Milk N Kookies Show" with Yuki Eliot. It's at http://radio.slchildren.org, and features news and music by and about kids in SL! Koffeekid and Yuki want this show to bring us SL kids together, and from what I'm hearing right now, it will do just that! Good for you, Koffeekid and Yuki!

Tomorrow's show (April 25) will be broadcast live from Tiny Tykes at 12 noon SLT. Why not go over there and watch Koffeekid and Yuki doing their radio show there?

Koffeekid is standing in this picture, which was taken at Tiny Tykes camping spot. From left to right,Xtreemlycute Pick, DoobieDoobie Dumpling and me are sitting on the benches!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm so glad I could be at the opening of Kid Scouts Camp on April 1 at 4 pm...I usually miss all the funs these days! Ms. Beth Brokken and Mr. Alex Turner have made a nice camp for us kids with cabins and plenty of room to play. The cabins have really comfy beddies, and I especially love the argyle bedspread on some of them.

Every day we're going to work towards patches, which we'll then put on our special camp vests. Yesterday was storytelling, as we sat around a big campfire and scared each other with tales, and today is cave exploration. Weekends will have Cabin Wars, including trivia and other funs things.

Much to my surprise, I was named the cabin leader of Cabin Two! That meant I had to make a totem pole to stand in front of our cabin. I just had to add a special touch...Hello Kitty, the patron saint of SL kids!!! See if you can find her in the picture! She's especially good to have as part of the totem pole cause one of the other scouts in our cabin is a Neko, and her name is Kittie!!!

I love being with other SL kids in a camping situation, so this is going to be a great month! You can leave the camp as you wish, but you have to spend at least eight hours a week here. I've almost done that in the first two days! I think being here a lot will give me time to update this blog, which is long overdue...a lot has been going on and I intend on telling you allll about it!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Lately I've been spending some time babysitting a sweet little prim baby. Miley Hannah is a good baby and I love being with her. She lets me know when it's time to feed her, change her (p-hew!) or when she's bored, and she giggles and coos when I sing her a lullaby or kiss her sweet little face. I made a bassinet for her to go sleepies in too, although she's happiest when I hold her and rock her in my arms.

Miley Hannah's first home was the Child Avatar Center in the Grimes sim (8, 204, 57) and I'm so glad I found her!

There's also a dancing studio there, with plenty of ballet moves. I love pretending I'm a ballerina, I'm so girly-girl that way! *giggle*

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Little Rascals shopping center for kids has vanished! There is only land where my store used to be. Those of us in the group received a group notice that the woman who ran the center was busy in RL, and would try to get it sorted out ASAP. But for now, it's gone.

The rents at Little Rascals were reasonable by SL standards--64L a month for 50 prims! I loved my spacious store. It also had a cute playground where I took great pictures of myself and a large pool. What a shame that it's closed. :-(

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


St. Patrick's Day was two days ago as I write this, but you can get that Irish spirit year-round at a wonderful store I've discovered, Pocket Pfeffer. It's on the Goremoor sim (151, 157, 96) and has lots of Irish textures for things like Celtic crosses, foods and even a package of Irish potato crisps (chips)! There are also gorgeous gowns and casual dresses that would look really pretty on your grown-up alts and templates for making outfits on an application like Photoshop.

There is also a small thatched cottage on the grounds of Pocket Pfeffer. It's called The Cottage of Irishy Goodness and holds stuffs like signs, posters and an Irish teddy bear who is holding a glass of Guinness, which we're too young to drink yet! *giggle*

Pocket is also one of the very sweetest people I've met in SL. I belong in her group now and saw how she was trying to help someone use her templates--she couldn't have been nicer. I really like her AND her store!!!